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Group Reporting Bootcamp

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Group Reporting Bootcamp

This course provides you with a detailed overview and understanding of Group Reporting.

    1. Unit 1.1: Introduction to Group Reporting
    2. Unit 1.2: Ins and Outs of Group Reporting Master Data
    3. Unit 1.3: Configuration Best Practices for Group Reporting - Part 1
    4. Unit 2.1: Configuration Best Practices for Group Reporting - Part 2
    5. Unit 2.2: A Detailed Look at Data Preparation/Integration in Group Reporting
    6. Unit 2.3: A Functional and Technical Overview of Consolidation Processing
    7. Unit 3.1: Reporting Concepts and Logic
    8. Unit 3.2: Understanding Fiori based Reporting in Group Reporting
    9. Unit 3.3: An Introduction to Group Reporting in Excel and SAP Analytics Cloud Reporting
    10. Unit 3.4: Key Implementation Considerations for Group Reporting