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We don't just follow best practices. We create them.

To achieve your business objectives, you need the right experience and insight in your corner to gain a true competitive advantage. We bring expertise to every part of the equation, from support for key decisions to project management change management, architectural dependencies, solution expertise, and quality control. We’re your expert guide to financial and analytic implementations.

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We achieve breakthrough moments with problem-solving skills that draw from both fact-based and experimental approaches. Widely regarded as the “brain trust” inside the IT and SAP industries, we deliver results beyond what you expect. Beyond what you thought was possible. We bring legendary technical excellence, and the thought leadership to translate specific solutions into high-level business results.

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Working with TruQua, an IBM Company means working with true solution experts.

We are always on the forefront of SAP technology, because our firm invests heavily into infrastructure and training. This pays off in the form of your business results. And this constant hunt for improvement radiates internally as well. Inside TruQua, we value a hierarchy of ideas above all else. Those with the best solutions move quickly. Anyone we bring onto our team must meet the highest quality standards so they can hit the ground running. As a team, we constantly support each other with the active exchange of perspectives and expertise. We rely upon openness, continuous growth, and collaboration as the way to build upon ongoing successes.

IBM Learning for SAP Solutions
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Transferring working knowledge to our clients is the key to how we maximize the value of our solutions. We support the evolution of systems and processes with training and ongoing communication. With customizable, hands-on, exercise-driven course offerings, we create a classroom and/or on-demand atmosphere where we can bring everyone up to speed on SAP Central Finance, SAP Group Reporting, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BPC, and more.